User guide

1. Step: Input information

Paste the sequence information of the protein or gene of your interest in the input mask.

Choose the number of modified sequences to be generated.

Select a pre-trained profile for the adaptation to a model organism and press Generate.

2. Step: Detailed configuration (optional)

Filter resulting synonymous gene sequences for certain restriction sites or RNA stability levels (MFE).

Dynamically create a custom profile with alternative codon-usage weighting or by restricting the host genome data to protein subsets with specified abundancies or functional classes.

3. Step: Inspect generated synonymous gene sequences

Compare DNA sequence suggestions by functional alignments (plain, amino acids, codon differences).

Inspect single gene information such as sequence statistics, RNA stability and structure or base pairing sites.

Control the profile information of the model and the suggested genes (codon-usage heatmaps and tables).

Restrictions and License

Using Odysseus by non-academics requires permission. Odysseus may be obtained upon request and used under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License.